Fishing auf Fogo


Fishing in Cape Verde is, for the most part, still artisanal, small wooden boats with 1.2 or 3 fishermen depart every morning motor (few) or rowing for the traditional rite of fishing.
Networks are very few, here the vast majority still fishing with the “linha”, the line and this is “fighting” with small reef fish (Garopa, bica, bidion and rarely lobster) or large pelagic fish, tuna in greenhouse from amberjack to sailfish and marlin sometimes.
The show continues with the arrival of the boats many boys to earn the right to bring the fish in the country for sale: the big fish placed on the boy’s head and off to the market with the brim of fish as a reward.
The freshness of the product is synonymous with goodness in the dishes that you can enjoy in restaurants. A small failure that can be attributed to Cape Verde is the lack of variety of fish that you will find on the menus of restaurants, which is why we offer our customers a wide range of fish to give way to try something different from the classics.
Chapter crustaceans Merta the premise that in Cape Verde has unfortunately arrived interdiction of fishing for six months a year.
Fishing pressure and in some ways “non-intelligent” is leading to a depletion of the sea if you can not control can be disastrous.
From May 1 to October 31 is prohibited fishing for all crustaceans (here especially lobsters and slipper lobsters), unfortunately the surveillance authorities and fishermen are few (thankfully few) continue their fishing almost undisturbed.
On the other hand, if the tourists (without knowing) continue to order lobster at the restaurant ….