Das Fest der São Filipe

The last days of April are dedicated to the most important festival on the island of Fogo, the feast of Sao Filipe (the largest town on the island).
The last week of the month  will be events of sports, cultural and recreational, that will end the 1st of may, the day with the “Cavalhada Final“, an exhibition horses in the center of the village. These horses also come from the others islands of archipelago. This begins in the afternoon after a great lunch at the “House of Bandera” in which is possible participate only with invitation of the family that organizer (every year at the end of the day is chosen the family of the following year) .

In the days preceding you’ll find competition of rowing, cycling, athletics and soccer, but also the”cockes corrida” (here absolutely bloodless) and the inevitable “pilon” (the grinder of corn made ​​entirely by hand n in large mortars from multiple people) accompanied from the traditional music of “tambureros” and chants of “coladere”.

In the evening until late at night on “Presidio Square” alternate Capeverdean artists and not in a potpourri of music and dance typically local. Everywhere is possible find little kiosks where you can refresh themselves with grilled chicken and spits, cold beer and grogue.