Der Karneval


The carnival is a party “pagan” deeply felt in Cape Verde. It is famous carnival in Mindelo Sao Vicente, known as a “small Rio de Janeiro”, but in all the islands lived intensament and Fogo is no exception to the rule.
By the end of the carnival you start thinking about the next, such as themes, such as costumes, choreography, music, miss. The whole village participates in the carnival, each for their own group and Sundays preceenti the parade of Mardi Gras already you can see the road to the city while the various groups parade through the latest evidence.
The finale takes place with the traditional parade of Mardi Gras with the various groups that offer their floats to win the best judgment of the jury and to win the first prize.
Sightseeing, male and female, out there, both in the procession in the audience, but there is no shame in the parade, then to see the children and the children, but also parents and grandparents all together in this great celebration collective, fancy dress and no, but united by the desire to party all together